About Barbara

I’ve always been interested in art for as far back as I can remember. I took my cue from all the children’s books I read. The interplay of words and images on a page had always intrigued me, and not long after that, pop-up books became a big part of my library as well. I spent countless hours pouring over them and wondering, “How did they do that?” So, you might say that my creative path was set long before I even realized it. Professionally, I started right out of high school knocking on doors and putting myself through school. From there I just kept on growing and learning.

What might distinguish me from other talented and accomplished creative artists is not so much the art itself—it‘s the heart. Could I imagine doing anything else? Teaching others what I have learned over the years has always been an interest, but I can tell you this—I absolutely love what I do!

And, during all of this I have become a mother, knitter, crafts person, a student (again and again), kid’s sports fan, girl scout volunteer, lover of the outdoors, and mistress of a good book.


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