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Valentine’s Day

Kiss me once, kiss me twice, then kiss me once again…wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s time for some old-fashioned kind of cards.


Branding 101

The basic rules of identity development are be distinct, memorable, and have a strong creative concept to support the design. In today’s digital age, much is built into brandmarks—entertainment, variation and storytelling. I tend to lean towards the “KISS” (keep it simple) method. Sometimes the obvious design solution can be the most effective.

Take a look at Adam Ladd’s video, “Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks” with his 5-year-old daughter. I especially liked her comments on the Chili’s and McDonald’s logos…simple does work.

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2012 Super Bowl Commercials

Here’s my take on the most memorable commercials:

Acura NSX—Seinfield vs. Leno was like a short story. What can I say…I’m a big fan of both Seinfeld and Leno. I liked the way Leno (aka Newman) thrawted Seinfeld efforts once again.

Chevy Silverado Apocolypse. Great set design. Kudos to the production team. I just wonder why Ford was mentioned.

Fiat Seduction. Mix beauty and a foreign language for instant appeal. I totally fell for it. Even liked the Abarth tattoo. Sex definitely still sells.

Honda—Ferris Bueller + Matthew Broderick. 25 years later, I still love the movie…and loved this commercial.

Chevy—Happy Grad. I could see this happening to me. It had me laughing out loud. And, what an accomplishment for 26 year old Zach Borst of New York who beat out other independent filmmakers for the Super Bowl Chevy spot.

So, there you have it…my top 5. Looks like the car spots really caught my eye. Which was your favorite?

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