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The Love Competition

I came across this on my new, “favorite” blog, Serendipity Factory. It’s a short film documenting an experiment by the Stanford Center for Cognitive & Neurobiological Imaging. The experiment consisted of 5 minute MRIs of people’s brains while they focused on love—important loves of their lives; things that they love; and the general feeling of love. The participants ranged in age from 10 to 75 years old. It’s a very poignant capture of human emotion. Directed by Brent Hoff, the film is definitely worth watching. You won’t be disappointed. And, let me know…I’m curious if you guessed the winner?!?!?!


Creativity is everywhere!

Bridesmaid for hire—a very creative blog for the bride and groom to be! I know the subject has been tried before, but I get a sense of passion behind the actions. I love it when people do the things they love. Check it out.

My kind of town—B Town is!

Recently developed logo comps and final for B-Town American Bistro & Cáfe in Branson, Missouri. I’m liking the iconic look of the final logo. What do you think?

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