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How creative can you get with a Facebook Timeline Cover?

I’m loving the new covers on Facebook’s timeline. It’s an opportunity to show off your creativity…scrapbooking your life’s story. Need inspiration? Check out these covers that “” put together. You’ll also find a measurement template to help you get it just right. Thanks, Hongkiat!


Is mentoring a thing of the past?

Thankfully I have the pleasure of working with a bunch of colleagues that like to push the envelope on design…and that means pushing me to produce the best design to fill my client’s needs. But what about up and coming artists? It used to be that you gave back to your industry. When the tide came in, all ships rode the wave. I don’t see it happening in today’s market. An article at Fast Company, “Stumbling Up the Ladder: Ad Agencies Neglect their Brightest Prospects”, provides some interesting food for thought on the subject.

If you’ve got a story about training in your industry or lack thereof, leave a comment below and let me know about it. If you like this article…like it! Share it with your friends—send it around!

Image: Flickr user vkx462

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