“Are you too old to do what you love?”

I absolutely love providing creative services that get results; and I’m very fortunate to know and enjoy what I do. Have I missed opportunities? Sure. I had an opportunity for a free ride back to college, but I thought I was too old. When I look back I want to smack myself on the head. If I only knew back then what I do now! It really is never too late to learn.

That’s why I think Marie Forleo’s video is so timely for many people. She gives some great examples of people hitting their stride in their later years. She’s fun to watch too! So check out her Q&A Tuesday video below, “Are you too old to do what you love?”.

I’d love to hear your story, so write a comment below. And if you like this post, please share it. Thanks so much for reading and watching!


About bmdcreative

I’ve always been interested in art for as far back as 
I can remember. I took my cue from all the children’s 
books I read. The interplay of words and images on a 
page had always intrigued me, and not long after that, 
pop-up books became a big part of my library as well. 
I would spend countless hours pouring over them and wondering, “How did they do that?” So, you might say 
that my creative path was set long before I even 
realized it. Professionally, I started right out of high 
school knocking on doors and putting myself through 
school. From there I just kept on growing and learning. What might distinguish me from other talented and accomplished creative artists is not so much the art 
itself—it‘s the heart. Could I imagine doing anything 
else? Teaching others what I have learned over the 
years has always been an interest, but I can tell you 
this—I absolutely love what I do! And, during all of this I have become a mother, knitter, 
crafts person, a student (again and again), kid’s sports 
fan, girl scout volunteer, lover of the outdoors, and 
mistress of a good book. View all posts by bmdcreative

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